Be Strong Geum Soon

Title: 굳세어라 금순아 / Goot-se-eo-ra Geum-soon-ah / Be Strong Geum Soon
Chinese Title : 加油!金顺
Also known as: Aja, Geum Soon
Episodes: 163
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Feb-14 to 2005-Sep-30
Air time: Monday-Friday 20:20


This is a story of a young widow, Geum-Soon, who never becomes discouraged or blames other people – no matter what happens in her life. The viewers will get both hope and comfort by watching her do her best in everything she does.

It is also a story of a family who loves and takes care of each other. You can always turn to your family and their love gives you the hope to get through the tough times. Sometimes, they seem to make your life more difficult, but they will always stand up for you and love you whatever you do.


Na Family

Han Hye Jin as Na Geum Soon (24)
Yoon Yuh Jung as Geum Soon’s grandmother
Lee Hui Do as Geum Soon’s uncle
Yang Hee Kyung as Sook Mo (Geum Soon’s uncle’s wife, Geum Ah’s mother)
Choi Ja Hye as Na Geum Ah (cousin, 24)

Goo family

Kang Ji Hwan as Goo Jae Hee (30)
Yoon Mi Ra as Oh Mi Ja (mother, 54)

Noh family

Kim Yoo Suk as Noh Si Wan (37)
Park In Hwan as Noh So Jang (father, 63)
Kim Ja Ok as Kim Jung Sim (mother, 56)
Lee Min Ki as Noh Tae Wan (brother, 26)
Lee Han as Noh Jung Wan (Geum Soon’s husband-to-be)

Jang family

Lee Se Eun as Jang Eun Joo (28)
Jang Yong as Jang Pak (father, 56)
Yang Mi Kyung as Young Ok (Eun Joo’s stepmother)

Other people

Kim Suh Hyung as Ha Sung Ran (32)
Wang Hee Ji as Yoon Shil Jang (Geum Soon’s hair salon teacher)
Chae Yoon Suh as Ahn Hye Mi (hair dresser trainee)
Lee Eun Soo as Noh Hui Sung (Geum Soon’s son)

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