Upcoming Korean Dramas

Watching KDrama is fun, isn’t it? And we KDrama fanatics are always looking forward to new and upcoming KDramas. Watchin KDramas may be the way to ease boredom. Or it may be a habit. As for me, I like KDramas because of some reasons. KDramas are very nice and enjoying to watch. Specially when your favorit KActrors and KActresses are in it as cast or play the leading role or maybe the antagonist. The reason I love watching KDramas is that: firstly, I like each story. At first, the story seemed ugly but later on you will be engrossed watching and can’t take your eyes away from the TV screen. Or you may skip meal just to watch the drama. Second reason is that actors and Actresses play their role so well. Lastly, I like to learn Korean language through watching KDramas.

So, to all KDrama fanatics like me, watch out for these upcoming KDramas. Make it as one of your KDrama collections. Here’s the list of upcoming KDramas. Watch out for these at your favorite TV network.

Upcoming KDramas:

MBC Channel
1. Chosun Police 3
2. I’m Teaching You Love
3. Flames of Ambition
4. Queen of Reversals
5. My Happy Home
6. What Do You Really Want?
7. Could It Be Fruit Candy?
8. My Princess
9. Onjo Biryu

KBS Channel

1. Jungle Fish 2
2. Fugitive
3. King Geunchogo
4. Mary Stayed Out All Night
5. President
6. Thank You For Your Smile
7. Love, Hurt and Showers
8. Dream High

SBS Channel

1. Your Heaven
2. Dr. Champ
3. Dae Mul
4. Pure Pumpkin Flower
5. Faith
6. Secret Garden
7. Smile, Mom
8. Athena: Goddess of War

Unconfirmed Network

1. What’s Up
2. The Musical
3. Birdie Buddy
4. Paradise Ranch
5. Love Song
6. Tree With Deep Roots
7. Poseidon