Name: Roy Mahinay Santiañez
Nick Name: Roy-roy, muffin
Birthday: December 6, 1987
Birthplace: Mada-o, Kawayan, Biliran
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 53 kg.


I am Roy M. Santiañez. I am from Mada-o, Kawayan, Biliran. I was born on December 6, 1987. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jardencio Santiañez. I have five sisters and one adoptive brother. I am the 6th child of the family.

With my family, we are only in the average family class. My dad died when I was in my 2nd year college. And my mom is just a plain housewife.

I graduated at L. E. Gozon Elementary School with the award as salutatorian. I can not say I am bright nor studious cause for me I am just the normal kid like the others.
In my secondary, I graduated at our local High School-the Tucdao National High School. During these time, I haven’t got any award though I graduated as salutatorian in Elementary. Due to the fact that I did not study hard. And take my studies seriously. On this time, I meet lots of friends, new acquaintances, and mingled persons with diferrent personalities or characters. And in my college, I graduated at Naval Institute of Technology (NIT) with course of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major Science. I choose BSEd because I dream to become a teacher. Though I did not have any award, I am very happy. Because I have gained my Diploma. And I gained the results of all the sacrifices and pain. Specially to my parents. I am truly happy because I got parents and family who support me from the start up to now.

Right after I graduate, I took my Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). And I can still remember the feeling when I first heard the news that I passed. It’s like I feel I’m gonna faint and as well as I don’t wanna believe that I really pass the LET. It seems so unbelievable until some of my friends call me and text me. And thanks GOD that I

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