Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji-won Profile

Name: Ha Ji-won
Birth name: Jeon Hae-rim
DOB: June 28, 1979
Place of birth: Seoul, Korea
Height: 168cm
Blood type: A
Education: Dankook University
Profession: Actress

Ha Ji-won Biography

Ha ji-won is popular Korean actress that made fame with both TV dramas and big screen movies. Ha Ji-won is also a singer, but her singing career is far less outstanding than her acting.

Ha Ji-won started acting in some low budget TV drama before making the breakthrough in 2000 with her debut movie Truth Game, which won her best newcomer at the Grand Bell Awards.

Ha Ji-won’s acting career didn’t prosper as expected though; her next success came more than a year later with blockbuster hit Phone, which makes Ha Ji-won a really famous star in Korea.

TV drama Damo was another great breakthrough for Ha Ji-won in 2003. Damo received high ratings not only in Korea, but across Asia as well, making Ha Ji-won an international star.

It’s also in 2003 that Ha Ji-won released her only music album, Homerun, which achieved decent success.

Ha Ji-won followed up with another highly rated TV drama Memories In Bali in 2004, which won her multiple awards as best TV actress.

Ha Ji-won starred in a couple of popular movies in 2005, Daddy Long-Legs and Duelist.

Ha Ji-won is back to TV screen again in 2006 with highly anticipated TV series Hwang Jin-i.

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  1. king oliver
    May 29, 2011 @ 19:54:19

    hi ha ha ji won im in youre the most fans in the fhilippines i really really glad to wact youre soft opera on korean movie etc.youre sow cute and freety


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